13 April 2010

Laphroaig 10 "A Medicinal Monster"

If you’re looking for a ravishingly rich, beautifully balanced, medicinal monster of a dram, then you need look no further than the ‘Laphroaig 10'.

The nose kicks off with a thick smokey cloud of sweet peaty wonderment, infused with big crashing waves of iodine, seaweed and the smell of a cleaning trolley being dashed from one end of a hospital waiting room to the other.

Subtle hints of poached pears, garish grapefruit and an echo of peppery cocoa make for the next set of sensations, along with a couple of glugs of salt and cedar infused fruit syrup.

The palate continues to deliver a wealth of smokey sweet medicinal delights including something very TCP-esque, along with a tray of warm slightly over salted and over sweetened homemade digestive biscuits.

Subtle oozing waves of vanilla and oak infused caramel then gently but confidently emerge to provide a perfect base of balance. Followed by a wealth of washed up spice infused seaweed, that has been slicked together by the oil from a leaking fishing trawler.

The 'Laphroaig 10' is one heck of a peat-opian fuelled dramming juggling act. Not only is it monsterously yet magnificently medicinal, it also just happens to be a marvellous moreish-ette of a dram.