6 April 2010

Lagavulin 16 "A Bonfire in a Bottle"

Well if I ever had to nominate one desert island dram, this would certainly be in the running. A love it or hate it bottling for both the occasional drammer and enthusiast alike.

It's one of the most peat heavy Islays, but for me it's a pure dramming dream. Never will there be a time when one bottle is empty and there's not another on the shelf eagerly awaiting to take its place.

On the nose there's a whirling semi doused bonfire, with its dampened smoke drifting and lingering long into the night. Followed by a first aid flashback, in the form of a ball of iodine drenched cotton wool that was used to treat a cut knee as a child.

A nosegasmic burst of Oloroso sherry followed by gentle snifters of vivacious vanilla, deep dark chocolate and a hint of salted caramel then gradually try and sneak their way to the forefront of the action.

On the palate there’s a sensation which can only be described as wet pavement, in its most complementive sense. Then that doused bonfire makes a reappearance, wafting and waltzing its smokey wares confidently and elegantly around the palate before plunging and thrusting itself to the back of the throat.

A swoosh of iodine with a rather satisfying spicy tarred edge makes for the next set of palatable pleasures, followed by a stern yet satisfying oaky coastal wave infusion.

A hint of a dessert spoons worth of sticky toffee pudding along with a cheeky reprise of the aforementioned vanilla and sherry then help to bring this dramstravaganza to one delightfully long balanced finish of a close.

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