26 April 2010

Bruichladdich Rocks "Yes It Does"

It’s one thing to have a quality range of whiskies but it’s another to have that range steeped in as much history and passion as the drams from the mighty Bruichladdich.

A history that was once as rocky as the 1800 million year old Gneiss rocks that are used to filter its water. A passion that’s secured the success of this truly unique and I guess you could say artisan distillery that delivers a wealth of contemporary yet traditional whisky wonderment.

Bruichladdich Rocks is a dram that’s out to subtly seduce and satisfy the senses. It’s confident and dare I say eclectically rounded and although sold as an ‘unpeated Islay’ a cheeky, teasing pinch of peat has managed to satisfyingly sneak its way in.

One of the first things you get on the nose is actually a whiff of Chilean Shiraz., followed by all the sweet sensations of a jar of freshly made and still cooling strawberry jam. The kind of jam that’s been made with strawberries that have been freshly picked on a scorchingly hot day in July, and are so jammy and sweet that very little if any pectin is needed during the cooking process.

There are elements of a summer’s afternoon by the coast, with a gentle breeze delivering a pleasurable whiff of salt and vinegar from the fish and chip shop on the promenade. The fresh nasal sensation you get from the cold bursting bubbles in a glass of pear cider. Followed by the ever satisfying release of a vanilla pod that has been used to make homemade ice cream that has then been scooped into a waffle cone.

The notes on the palate pretty much mirror those of the nose. Though this time round the Shiraz and pear cider have transformed into the most wondrous poached pears in red wine, with a reappearance of that vanilla ice cream scooped to the side.

The strawberry jam is there in abundance, so much so that when you’ve finished sipping you’ll occasionally find yourself licking your lips. At times there also seems to be a peppery element to the said jam, which is just another added pleasure in my opinion.

A superbly satisfying dram for all seasons but one I’ll firmly have on standby once those fine long summer evenings grace us with their presence.