8 August 2023

Quick Fire Brandy Tasting Notes

Burnt Faith Brandy
Batch: 001
40% ABV / RRP: £36.00

Nose: A generous wedge of black forest gateau oozing with Kirsch, Dulce de leche ice cream, strawberry tarts, rhubarb crumble, summer berry compote and orange curd kick off the nasal niceties. Followed by notes of demerara sugar, aniseed twists, ginseng, mixed spice and oodles of opulent oak.

Palate: Ripe strawberries drizzled with Campari and dusted with black pepper, clove studded blood orange, grilled peaches, maraschino cherries and caramelized hazelnuts lead the palatable charge. Followed by burnt honeycomb dipped in dark chocolate, tea steeped raisins, anised twists, Jamaica ginger cake, wood spice and a tease of tobacco leaf.

Finish: A fabulously full and finesseful, fruit and nut chocolate bar of a finish.

Summary: Wow! You could quite easily be fooled into believing that you’ve been sipping something from a new wave Cognac house. In fact this is far from being French, so much so that you’d need to head across the English channel, travel up to London, then head east - E17 to be precise, to Walthamstow; the home of the UK's first dedicated brandy house – Burnt Faith!

This is one epically vibrant, balanced and rounded brandy, that also just happens to make the perfect bridging sip to and from the world of whisky!

Less important I know, but from the amber glow of the brandy to the art-deco-esque design of the bottle (glass stopper and all), it’s also aesthetically stunning!