13 October 2023

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Mossburn 12 Year Old Speyside Blended Malt
Finished in Foursquare Rum Casks
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
57.7% ABV / RRP £65.00

Nose: A sassy and sumptuous selection of spiced baked apples, ripe bananas, rum steeped sultanas, bourbon-soaked prunes and candied mixed peel. Followed by notes of lemon drizzle loaf, ginger cake, vanilla fudge, sugared almonds, spiced honey and muscovado sugar. The nasal niceties continue with balancing notes of verbena leaves, cloves, sweet musk, charred oak, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a tease of something tannic.

Palate: Rum steeped sultanas and honey and lemon Lockets lozenges are in full effect on the flavour front, along with bourbon-soaked prunes, grilled pineapple rings, desiccated coconut, aniseed twists, toffee bon bons, foam bananas, sugar almonds and treacle tart. The palatable pleasures then conclude with more of that ginger cake, candied mixed peel, cayenne pepper, cloves, charred oak and the addition black English breakfast tea.

Finish: A full-on and fabulous, sweet, spiced and sumptuous finish, that just keeps on giving! 

Summary: There’s nothing we like more than a sip that combines our two favourite spirit worlds of whisky and rum. This is a real stunner of a Speyside sensory story, offering everything and more that you would expect for its 12 years of age; a real testament to the cask management and to the art and quality of the blending. The real bonus of this release is its finishing in Foursquare rum casks from Barbados - which influences are abundant. Resulting in a whisky that has a vibrant, rounded, tropical Caribbean kiss!