24 October 2018

Quick Fire Rum Tasting Notes

Rum Fire
Overproof Jamaican White Rum
63% ABV
Nose: An enthusiastic, ester led ensemble of sugar cane, limes, poached pears, grilled mango, ripened banana skins, ready rolled cake icing, vanilla pods, sugared almonds, Rowntrees Tooty Frooties, white pepper and something rather American cream soda-esque.
Palate: A gutsy and giving, green five a day gaggle of apple, gooseberry, lemon, pear and kiwi. Followed by grilled mango, sherbet limes, pineapple cubes, sugared almonds, bread pudding, mixed spice, white pepper and something teasingly herbal.
Finish: A long lingering, takes no prisoners, deeply satisfying, slap around all the senses kind of a finish, which just leaves you wanting more and more!
Summary: As a huge Jamaican rum fan, I was bowled over by Rum Fire when I first sampled it last year at the Hampden Estate Distillery, in Jamaica. Up until that point my go to overproof rum was the market leading Wray and Nephew offering. But because of its more rounded flavour profile and balanced 'umph' factor - when sipped neat or mixed, I'm now more times than not opting for Rum Fire, when looking for something jubilantly joyous and Jamaican in a glass.