26 October 2018

Glen Moray Tweet Tasting IIII

More social media based dramfotainment you say? Well allow us to gladly oblige! We’re delighted to announce that on November 28th, we’ll be teaming up again with our very good friends at Glen Moray, for a bit of a St Andrew’s Day warm up of a Tweet Tasting.

On the night we’ll be getting into the celebratory spirit, by sharing sipping and savouring their dramspankingly new Fired Oak and Cabernet Cask expressions, along with a trio of other surprise drams.

If you would like to take part in an evening that’s all about the gargantuan glory of Glen Moray, on the eve of the eve, of the day that celebrates Scotland's patron saint, click here to register your interest by emailing your full name, full postal address and Twitter handle, remembering to mark the subject line #GlenMoray

The closing date to register is November 9th, and if you are registering to take part please make sure that you will actually be free on the evening of November 28th to take part!

Even if you're not one of the selected Tweet Tasters, it'd be great to have you following all the evenings dramfotainment. So, we look forward to seeing you over on Twitter on November 28th at 7pm GMT via #GlenMoray

Registration open to over 21's only!
For more information on Glen Moray, visit: glenmoray.com
Be part of the dramfotainment!