2 December 2014

Royal Salute Tweet Tasting

Not only are we thrilled to launch our 60th Tweet Tasting, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that on the evening of December 15th, we’ll be sampling a bounty of blended bling from Royal Salute.

On the night a specially invited ensemble of whisky weavers will be sampling and savouring a quintessential quad of blended finery in the form of Royal Salute’s 21 Year Old, Diamond Tribute, 38 Year Old Stone of Destiny and 62 Gun Salute expressions.
We'd absolutely love for you to follow every pour and sip on the night, so join us with a dram in hand over on Twitter on Monday December 15th at 7:30pm GMT via #RoyalSaluteTT
Until then Happy Dramlaxing!
For more information on Ballantine's visit: royalsalute.com