11 July 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #18

The Glenrothes 2001 Vintage
Nose: Waitrose tarte au citron, candied lemon and orange peel, vanilla infused poached pears, baked apples stuffed with sultanas, warm cherry pie topped with wholemeal shortcrust pastry, breakfast oats drizzled with honey, freshly-grated nutmeg, ground ginger, demerera sugar, a boiled tin of condensed milk, fresh oak, physalis plants, dried verbena leaves and half a box of struck matches.
Palate: Sainsbury’s egg custard tart, cherry clafoutis, Longley Farm rhubarb yogurt, mixed spice, orange and lemon zest infused honey, rich oak, Robinsons lemon barley water, ground pimento, McVitie’s Gingernut biscuits and all the strawberry cream chocolates from a tin of Quality Street.
Finish: A soft, smooth, spiced, linger-ette of a finish.
Summary: It doesn’t quite manage to deliver the same level of “va va va voom” as some of the other Glenrothes vintages I’ve had the good fortune to sample, but all the same it’s still a very pleasant and palatable drop of drammage.