27 June 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #16

Knob Creek 9 Year Old
Nose: Maple syrup, toffee apples, Madagascan vanilla pods, Pret A Manger almond croissants, demerara rum drenched raisins, Tunnock’s caramel wafer bars, sweet buttery popcorn, toasted granary bread, baked peaches, Mrs Rushton's dark and chunky marmalade, Reese's Pieces, cough candy, wood spice, rye spice, fresh oak, cinnamon sticks, white pepper, wood varnish and a subtle fennelly, mentholly freshness.
Palate: Vanilla infused maple syrup, dried oak, a wowing wood spice, linseed oil, clove infused oranges, toasted rye bread, peppered demerara caramel, marshmallow topped honeycomb, Charbonnel et Walker chocolate Brazil nuts, cola cubes, cherry lollipops, Häagen Dazs rum raisin ice cream, brandy snaps, Farley's rusks and a couple of exceptionally dried cinnamon sticks.
Finish: Full of long lingering spice and all things nice!
Summary: A beautiful and bountifully balanced, big bang for buck bargain bourbon!