24 May 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #9

High West Double Rye

Nose: Nestle Mint Munchies, Lofthouse’s Fisherman’s Friends, a damp earthy Alpine forest, honey suckle, freshly torn basil leaves, ground black pepper, clove studded clementine’s, juniper berries, liquorice root, kaffir lime leaves, brazenly bashed lemon grass, cassia bark, toasted oak, baked peaches, Kirsch cherry liqueur, warm vanilla fudge, a cinnamon danish and hit after hit of right rollicking rye and grain gloriousness.
Palate: Cherry cough drops, Dentyne cinnamon chewing gum, aniseed balls, Paynes mint cream Poppets, Cadbury’s Bournville chocolate, warm toffee sauce, McVitie’s Jamaica Ginger Cake, toasted oak, ground black and white peppercorns, buttery sweetcorn, pine infused honey, apricot jam, macadamia nuts, bitter orange zest and a wealth of wood spice.
Finish: A superb spicy, sumptuous sweet finish, that’s as fine and frolicking as it’s long and lingering.
Summary: This is one heck of a rye rollercoaster that just keeps on evolving effortlessly in the glass. A bold and very beautifully balanced drop of Liquid Americana! By the way if you’re partial to a whisky based cocktail, it makes for an outstanding addition to an Old Fashioned.