8 January 2013

Caperdonich 17 Year Old "A Mothballed Marvel"

Over the last few years there's been an ever increasing surge of dramspanking independent bottling’s on the market. Infact I think it’s fair to say that the days of playing dramming roulette with an indie, where you could end up with something sadistically shocking are over, well we hope so anyway.

One of the many great reasons to dip your toes into the world of the indie bottling’s, if you haven’t done so already, is to experience the whisky wares from distilleries that are no more. The ones that for whatever reason have been mothballed and shut down.
Infact it has to be said that if you go down this route you can well and truly come across some real dramming gems and do so without breaking the bank, as I discovered recently after sampling a pretty darn delicious Speysider, in the form of a Caperdonich 17 Year Old from Abbey Whisky.
The nose kicks off with gutsy glorious waves of vanilla infused poached pears, pineapple upside down cake, wood spice and a multitude of herbs and spices from a Thai restaurant kitchen.
A field of freshly cut grass at the height of summer and a glass of elderflower cordial make for the next set of sensations, along with a kick of citrus, some eventual emerging foam bananas and something distinctly anise-esque.
Once left in the glass for around ten minutes, if you can be that patient, dry vinous notes start to come through, along with some subtle hints of salted caramel.
The palate kicks off with a phenomenally punchy plethora of pepperiness, in the form of freshly ground white, coarsely pestled black and freshly chopped red chili. Followed sharply by freshly picked strawberries, homemade quince jam and a sip from a flat can of ginger beer.
Gooseberry crumble covered in a rich vanilla custard makes for the next set of palatable pleasures, as does yet more of that pineapple upside down cake, which on this occasion has had both its golden syrup and fruit content somewhat beefed up.
A balancing blast of pink grapefruit juice, lemon grass and a bout of anise infused wood spice then adds a further dimension and depth, ahead of a finish which may not linger around for as long as the nose and palate may teasingly suggest, but it's still pretty darn satisfying!