29 November 2012

The Whisky Wire's 2nd Cutty Sark Tweet Tasting

Last night we continued our hugely successful string of Twitter trending Tweet Tastings, by setting sail on our second Cutty Sark voyage, exploring more of their beautiful blended bounty.

In the good company of our Tweet Tasters and followers at home, we were also joined by Cutty Sark’s Master Blender Kirsteen Campbell, who not only tweeted in on the action but was also on hand to answer any Cutty based questions on the night.

The drops of drammage we sampled were: Cutty Sark Blend, the new Cutty Sark Storm, Cutty Sark 12 Year old and the teen sensation that is the Cutty Sark 18 Year Old.

To top it all off in fine style, we yet again managed to trend our tasting at the top on Twitter in the UK via #CuttyTT2 and by the end of the night it was clear that everyone who took part was proud to shout “Let’s Hear It For The Blends”.

Here are a few of the tweeted tasted highlights from last night:

Cutty Sark Blend

@ifotou Fruity, oranges apples and touch of lime, with fresh vanilla pods. A hint of freesias and a little edge of digestive biscuit.
@DramStats Palate sweet arrival, crisp almost zesty barley with a crisp short but pleasant finish. Really quaffable!
@whiskyrepublic I'm getting a sweet, smooth nuttiness easing into a lightly spiced finish.

Cutty Sark Storm
@WhiskyDiscovery Rich dried tropical fruit mix on the nose, coconut, pineapple, mango with some raisins and sultanas.
@bumpythechemist Fresh fruity sherry up front, then a big spice hit followed by coffee notes. Spice hangs on for while in the finish.
@WhiskyTube Cutty Sark Storm, the Vanilla Latte of the whisky world!

Cutty Sark 12
@jalcock1982 Pleasant nose fruity, rum and raisin, butter icing, sherry, all spice, Christmas pudding.
@saint_jimmy Honey sweetness, unsalted butter and milk chocolate.
@dvdbloke Light, well balanced, honey nut sweetness. Thick, long drying finish, with fruit cakey excellence. Beautiful, just beautiful!
Cutty Sark 18
@WHISKYILEACHDried fruits. Figs and raisins with green apples.
@MaltBoxVery Speyside-esque, this smells good. Deep Christmas pudding and parkin cake with sherry, orange peel and strong matiness.
@DramStatsChocolate, Coffee beans, dark sherry and plums. Jamaican ginger cake, almonds and soft brown sugar. Wow!

As ever these are only a mere flurry of the tasting notes from the night’s Twitter trending dramstravaganza. For a full lowdown head over to Twitter and search hashtag #CuttyTT2

A huge thanks to everyone who took part and followed last night’s drinkery pokery. There are plenty more Tweet Tastings to come, so if you would like to be one of our tasters, register your interest and contact details now by emailing via the contact tab marking the subject line ‘Tweet Tastings’.
For more information on Cutty Sark and to buy any of the whiskies we sampled visit: cutty-sark.com
Until next time Happy Dramlaxing!