9 August 2010

Ardbeg Supernova 2010 "The Rocket Dram"

It’s not until you’ve savoured a glass of ‘Ardbeg Supernova 2010’ for the first time, that you realise the very apt significance in the naming of this dram.

From the first moment it energetically explodes on the nose, till when you’re recovering and rejoicing from the implosion it delivers on the palate, you’re treated to a first class galactic peat-opian fuelled rocket ride to the stars and back.

The nosing kicks off with thick unforgiving but balanced waves of sweet smoke blowing in from one direction, and the smell of damp burning autumn leaves blowing in from another.

There’s the wondrous aroma of a rich and very dark chocolate torte that’s been infused with smoked paprika, followed by a subtle and very satisfying whirlwind of peppery caramel.

Lemon and lime ‘Starburst’ make for the next sensation on the nose, followed by the invigorating post freshness of a heavy rain shower in a Norwegian pine forest.

Initially the palate is a bit of a springboard of thick sweet smoke and sour citrus, but after a couple of sips things start to settle down nicely.

The palatable proceedings then start to become very reminiscent of November the 5th, with a blazing smoking bonfire in the distance and all the warm wonderlicious sweet candied delights from an adjacent concession stand. Culminating in a unified flowing wave of autumnal wonderliciousness.

An infusion of fresh Columbian coffee grounds and a bar of Mole Chili from the fabulous Artisan du Chocolat then compete to take centre stage, but are both quickly brought into line and balanced out by the zest and peel from a Valencia orange and an Indian sweet lime.

Subtle waves of salted seaweed and peppered butterscotch then start to come through, then before you know it each and every one of the aforementioned tasting elements link arms and deliver one final concentrated and unified kick of a long lingering finish.

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