28 July 2010

English Whisky Co. Chap 9 "Dram-Anglo-Tabulous"

Not only can England now boast about having its first whisky distillery for the first time in over 100 years, it can also be proud of the superb range of evolving Anglo drams that it now produces.

‘The English Whisky Co’ is a true testament to the pioneering passion, which has now culminated in it producing first class whiskies south of the border. Equally it demonstrates the true virtues, qualities and wonders of younger aged drams.

Each of their bottlings are released as Chapters, this one being No 9; “the first publicly available peated whisky ever to be made in England”. Oh, before I forget to mention it, this dram is only three years old and is absolutely stunning.

The nose is as subtle and elegant as an English rose. Balanced and gentle waves of over cooked pork crackling infused with sticky hot toffee apples, followed by elements of toasted oak, lemon grass and some good old fashioned digestive biscuits.

It may not be the most nose intense peaty dram you’ve come across, but it does manage to balance what it does have exceptionally well.

The palate initially dishes up some lightly spiced caramel along with a reappearance of the aforementioned pork crackling. There’s also a hint of honeydew melon and a selection of overly ripe stoned fruits.

This exciting, English, dramming escapade then reaches its conclusion with an infusion of white pepper and cocoa, along with some toasted oak that’s had the last few drops from a bottle of vanilla extract drizzled over it.

As with the nose, the palate is more reserved in its delivery of delights compared to most other peated drams. Though its confidence shines through in abundance and like a 3 star Michelin chef, has the ability to make more out of less.

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