10 August 2022

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

The Singleton of Glen Ord Celebratory Bottling
Single Malt Scotch Whisky
51.8% ABV / RRP: £195.00

Nose: A fabulous fruit led offering of Dapple Dandy plums, vanilla infused poached pears, grilled peaches, baked spiced apples and mixed citrus peel. The fruitopian delights then take a confected turn, by scooping up a bag of pineapple cubes, cherry cola bottles, Quality Street strawberry creams and Werthers Original cream candies. The nasal niceties are balanced beautifully with the addition of wood spice, black pepper and oodles of opulent oak.

Palate: A deep dark and delicious sensory soiree of Sherry steeped sultanas, grilled peaches and more of those Dapple Dandy plums. Followed by apple crumble topped with hazelnuts and served with a good glug of vanilla custard, along with more confected capers with a serving of lemon sherbet, aniseed twists, Cadbury’s fudge and Raspberry Ruffles. The palatable pleasures keep on giving with balancing measures of wood spice, white pepper and mixed spice.

Finish: A right rollickingly rewarding and rounded finish, that goes on and on...

Summary: I’ll always have a soft spot for Glen Ord, as it was their 12 Year Old (on the back bar of my local Wetherspoons in the early 2000’s) that helped spark my interest and passion into all things whisky. As with my first encounter, this latest release is gutsy, giving and simply sublime. If you’re lucky enough to be heading to their newly opened distillery experience any time soon, I’d recommend jumping at the chance to buy a bottle!