6 April 2022

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Brig O' Perth 14 Year Old
Blended Scotch Whisky
46.7% ABV / RRP: £45.00

Nose: A fabulous fruit-forward bounty of bramley apples, vanilla infused poached pears, orange zest and honey dew melon. Followed by a scoop rum raisin ice cream, honeycomb, sherbet lemons, aniseed twists, ground cinnamon, white pepper, sun-drenched leather and a tease of window putty.

Palate: A palatable fiesta of summer fruit crème brulée, Jamaica ginger cake, chocolate orange torte, toffee sauce, poached pears and spiced baked apples. Followed by even more fruitopian delights in the form of a melon medley, mixed citrus peel and lemon bon bons. Along with addition of aniseed twists, barley sugar, sweet charred oak, ground mixed spice and a pinch of cayenne pepper

Finish: A fabulous, full-on fruit led finish, that just keeps on teasing and tantalising the tastebuds.

Summary: This recently resurrected blend from The Whisky Cellar, headed by industry legend Keith Bonnington, is based on the style of the original Brig O’ Perth, which first launched 125 years ago. It’s a real tease of the ‘old school’ and a tasty testament to the traditions, craft and the art of the blend! Let’s hear it for the blends!