4 August 2021

Quick Fire Rum Tasting Notes

Eminente Reserva 7 Year Old
Cuban Rum
41.3% ABV

Nose: Abundantly alluring aromas of freshly brewed coffee, dark chocolate, warm molasses and oven roasted pecans lead the sensory charge. Followed by wondrous waves of vanilla, sugared almonds, sultanas, maraschino cherries, flat Irn-Bru, mixed spice, anise, tobaco leaf, old dried chair leather and sweet charred oak.

Palate: The promises made on the nose are delivered in abundance on the palate, with vibrant vivacious vanilla, espresso coffee, dark chocolate, boiled condensed milk, molasses and tea steeped prunes. Followed by notes of maraschino cherries, orange peel, bread pudding, dried banana chips, smoked walnuts, ground ginger, cayenne pepper, tobacco leaf and a tease of wood smoke.

Finish: A robust and richly rewarding finish, which lasts as long as a flight to Havana!

Summary: The art, craft and history of Cuban rum is nothing short of fascinating, and being able to sample the first release from a new brand is a genuine thrill to say the least. Eminente Reserva 7 Year Old is one smooth opulent operator, delivering a wealth of balance and bounty. Thanks to the warmer maturation climes of Cuba, you could also be easily mistaken for thinking that you're enjoying a rum much older than its stated years.

I could happily recommend a whole host of cocktails that this would work an absolute dream with, but please, enjoy this one as a solo sipper first. Trust me, you'll thank me!