7 May 2021

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

The Lakes Distillery Whiskymaker's Reserve No: 4
Single Malt English Whisky
52% ABV

Nose: Sherry steeped dried fruits, dapple dandy plums, strawberry jam tarts, cherry cough syrup, orange peel, peanut M&M’s, treacle tart, manuka honey, freshly varnished oak, aniseed twists, wood spice, cinnamon sticks, cloves, white pepper, tobacco leaf, a hint of coriander and something teasingly rye-esque.

Palate: Cadbury Bournville Old Jamaica dark chocolate, sherry steeped dried fruits, steamed orange pudding, soft German style gingerbread, creamy Werther's Originals, Turkish delight, Tunes cherry lozenges, sugared almonds, coffee grounds, wood spice, sweet oak and a tease of mint tea.

Finish: A long, lush, keep licking your lips kind of a finish, that continues to showcase both the high standard of the distillery's cask management and the quality of its spirit.

Summary: As the Cumbria based distillery continues its journey to define its sherry-led house style, it has to be said that the Whiskymaker’s Reserve series has gone from strength to strength, in its exploration of maturation and blending. I absolutely loved the first three releases, but this latest edition well and truly ticks all my sherry loving boxes!