24 July 2019

Whisky Works 29 Year Old Glaswegian

From a humble distillery tour guide to one of the industry’s leading whisky makers, the last 20 years has most definitely been a dream, or should I say ‘dram’ come true for Gregg Glass. Having trailblazed his way to help create a wealth of iconic whiskies from Compass Box, some of which were a real inspiration for striking my own whisky fuse, Gregg is now taking whisky innovation and experimentation to the next level, at The Whisky Works!
Having moved to Whyte & Mackay in 2016, working alongside the master blending legend that is Richard Paterson, Gregg is now heading up The Whisky Works, an independent arm of the company, which will allow him to innovate even further by developing new maturation practices inspired by centuries of distilling tradition.
The aim is for Gregg to bring his experimental whisky making and cask selection skills to consumers, with a series of limited editions. In fact he has just done that, with the release of the brands first two expressions, which includes the 29 Year Old Glaswegian; a single grain Scotch whisky, from an undisclosed (but if you do your homework you’ll be able to work out which one) and now closed distillery.
The nose: A full on, fruity, five a day fest, of toffee apples, pineapple cubes, pear drops and strawberry jam tarts. Followed by deep and decadent depths of creme brûlée, Joe & Seph's salted caramel popcorn and Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Belgian waffles, served with a generous scoop of raspberry ripple ice cream.
The nasal niceties continue with warming waves of Jamaica ginger cake, bourbon laced pecan pie, freshly polished oak and wood spice. Along with orange oil, coconut ice and teases of Quality Street Mint Matchmakers.
The palate: Gloriously garish grilled pineapple rings dusted with a pinch-ette of cayenne pepper, ripe juicy mangos, spiced baked apples, foam bananas, lemon bon bons and blackcurrant Fruit Pastilles.
The palatable pleasures continue with more of those creme brûlée, coconut ice and moreish Joe & Seph's salted caramel popcorn notes. Followed by Muller fruit corner peach and apricot yogurt, cherry turnovers, Lotus Biscoff caramelised biscuits, sweet oak and wood spice.
Ahead of a rather tasty, lush, linger-ette of a finish, you're treated to a tease of all things tanic and a quick parting menthol fresh kiss.
Some older single grain whiskies can be a tad heavy and over gutsy for some, but as giving and as glorious as this one is, it has a real fresh balancing edge, which allows all the individual elements to shine through in equal measure, with nothing overpowering, making this a real unifying ensemble of a dram!
Well, if this is just a taste of things to come from The Whisky Works, we can’t wait to see what other delights Gregg has rolled up his figurative dramming sleeves!