17 June 2019

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Tamdhu 15 Year Old
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
46% ABV
Nose: Sherry steeped sultanas - spiced baked apples – Luxardo maraschino cherries – orange peel – grilled pineapple rings – Quality Street strawberry fondant chocolate creams – blackberry crumble - Madagascan vanilla custard – a warm Pret A Manger pain aux raisin – ground cinnamon – nutmeg – cloves – a kiss of anise and some rather charismatic charred oak.
Palate: Sheer sherry-soaked sultanas and raisins dusted with demerara sugar – poached pears – apple turnovers - M&S lemon curd whitby buns – Muller fruit corner peach and apricot yogurt - rhubarb and custard boiled sweets – Tunes cherry lozenges - bergamot oil – pink peppercorns – caramelised the fennel fronds - toasted cinnamon sticks – tobacco leaf and wisps of wood spice.
Finish: The finish is as magnificently memorable and as beautifully balanced as the nose and palate. Lingering long and leisurely after the final sip, highlighting each and every one of the elements that have helped to tell its sensory story!
Summary: Yet another drop of pure dramming class in a glass, from one of the most exciting Scotch whisky distilleries over the last few years. Since being taken over by Ian McLeod Distillers, Tamdhu continues to go from strength to strength, with both its core range and limited-edition (all killer and no filler) bottlings!