23 May 2018

Five Big Bang For Buck Belters for under £30

Over the last few years there’s been a never-ending cascade of focus, on the more premium and limited-edition end of the whisky market, which has resulted in many of us forgetting and neglecting those cracking core range classics.
Not only that, as a result another one of those horrible whisky misconceptions has started to wriggle its nasty head; with anything under £30 starting to be perceived as inferior compared to anything above that price point – bullsh*t!
There are equally as amazing, as slightly lesser amazing drams at all price points, but at around this time every month, we’re now going to celebrate those big bang for buck bargain belters, by recommending five top notch drops of dramspankage for under £30.
Here are our first five recommendations:
Bains Cape Mountain Whisky
An insanely priced single grain whisky from South Africa, which not only is a superb solo sipper, it also makes for a marvellous base in a multitude of whisky cocktails, including a pretty dram impressive Old Fashioned.
£27.98 - drinksupermarket.com
Glen Moray Elgin Classic
Glen Moray has to be one of the most, if not the most underrated Scotch whisky distillery’s in our opinion. This classic standard expression, delivers a wealth of gentle Speyside elegance. They also have a number of excellent cask finished; Sherry, Peat and Port bottlings, for around the same 'you'll have to pinch yourself to believe' price point.
£18.00 – Asda
Johnnie Walker Black Label
As iconic in its name, look and taste, this richly rewarding blended Scotch whisky never fails to deliver. It always makes for a reassuring sight in a bar wherever you are in the world. It's also the perfect pour for when you simply want to enjoy and savour all the splendour of a blend!
£24.00 – Waitrose
Jameson Irish Whiskey
There’s a very good reason why this is the biggest selling Irish whiskey in the world, it’s simply superb! Not only does it make for a rich, rounded solo sipper, it just happens to serve up jubilantly and joyously well in a Julep. In our opinion, it also still makes for the ultimate whiskey component in an Irish coffee.
£22.50 – Sainsbury’s
Buffalo Trace
When it comes to big bank for buck belting balanced bourbons, you’ll have to try very hard to beat this. Delivering as much vivacious vanilla and spiced complexities as other bourbons at twice the price. This really is a lush drop of liquid Americana!
£23.00 – Morrisons
We’d love to hear your thoughts on our £30 and under dramming recommendations, so tweet or post your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #BigBangForBuckBelters
*Prices correct as of 23/05/18