31 January 2018

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Glenmorangie Sp├Čos
Nose: Freshly picked fennel and mint leaves – grilled peaches – clove studded Seville orange – baked bramley apples dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon – vanilla fudge - Halls Soothers cherry cough drops - foam bananas – aniseed twists – avocado smeared granary toast - rye spice and the subtlest suggestion of sweet dill pickles.

Palate: A whirlwind of rye and wood spice – aniseed twists – creamy centre Werther Original’s – coffee Revels – sugared almonds - spiced baked apples – grilled peaches - sour cherries – M&S egg custard tarts with an extra dusting of nutmeg - clove studded Seville orange and something moreishly menthol-esque.

Finish: A long lingering, rich and rewarding finish, that highlights all the decadently delicious delights, that this dram delivers so well.
Summary: It’s very fair to say that this the ninth release in Glenmorangie’s Private Edition series and its first bottling to be fully matured in American ex-rye whiskey casks, most definitely delivers some seriously ‘good, good, good, good, rye-brations!’
The Glenmorangie Private Edition series, is a real annual release highlight. It’s always a genuine thrill to see how the variables of each release will impact and influence Glenmorangie’s signature spirit. To date different wine finishes, barley types, cask management and the traditional use of peat have been used to create some truly exciting and enticing drops of dramspankage. Roll on the 10th release in 2019!