2 January 2018

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

BenRiach Authenticus 30 Year Old
Nose: Subtly smoldering peat smoke - brine soaked samphire - raisins and sultanas steeped in bourbon - baked spiced apples - orange peel – poached pears drizzled with honey - aniseed twists - madagascan vanilla pods - mixed spice - warm treacle - M&S chocolate truffles - espresso coffee and Cafe Creme cigarillos.
Palate: Swathes of seductive peat smoke - blackberry coulis - vanilla rich crème brûlée - bread pudding - baked peaches - Cadbury's Old Jamaica chocolate bar - aniseed twists - sweet oak - stewed black builder’s tea and the subtlest suggestions of five spice.
Finish: A decadently delicious, deep dark lingering finish, that just keeps on delivering!
Summary: It’s always a genuine thrill to sip and savour a Speysider that pays homage to its peated past, and this latest release from BenRiach, which is punctuated perfectly by a punch of peat, is certainly no exception.
I would urge everyone to give this one a whirl if they can, but if £400 is beyond your bottle budget, heck its certainly beyond mine, keep your eyes peeled for a BenRiach stand at your next whisky festival, where you might just be lucky enough to be able to try a sample. Failing that and for just under £40, you could grab a bottle of their phenol-menal peated Curiositas 10 Year Old.
Releases from the BenRiach Distillery, seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment. Here’s hoping that they remain purposeful and don’t become a churn of all things filler and no killer.