18 October 2017

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Dewar's 25 Year Old
Nose: Honeydew melon – tinned pears in syrup – apple turnovers – Muller peach and apricot fruit corner yogurt - grilled pineapple rings - Twinings lemon green tea – smoked walnuts – Kellogg's crunchy nut cornflakes – raw fruitcake mix - orange oil – ground cinnamon – white pepper and a wonderous wave of wood spice.
Palate: Spiced honey – cinnamon poached pears – apple and blackberry crumble - cardamom infused lemon curd - Marks and Spencer egg custard tarts, generously dusted with nutmeg – a Nestle Caramac bar - Quaker porridge oats – mixed spice - charred oak – ground pink and white peppercorns and a lunging linger-ette of wood smoke.
Finish: A masterful and confident medium finish, which initially highlights all the feisty fruity sweet goodies that were delivered on the palate, before it gives one more fading reminder of its spicier and drier side.
Summary: Yet another bountiful belter of a blend from Dewar’s, though I would love to see this bottled at a slightly higher ABV. It delivers amazingly well at 40%, but at 43% or even 46% I think it would be truly epic. Let’s hear it for the blends!