17 July 2017

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Slane Irish Whiskey
40% ABV
Nose: Marks and Spencer's iced spiced buns - warm demerara caramel - cinnamon infused poached pears - Pink Lady apples - Tunnock's dark chocolate caramel wafer biscuits - vanilla fudge - Kirsch soaked Morello cherries - uncooked fruitcake mix - toasted oak - sweet musk - orange oil and something rather florally fresh.
Palate: Bourbon soaked sultanas – Dapple Dandy plums – pink grapefruit peel – lime zest - McVitie's Jamaica ginger cake – bread pudding – vanilla rich Chantilly cream - orange flavoured lollipops - grounds of white and black pepper – wood spice and the subtlest suggestions of freshly chopped mint.
Finish: A vivaciously moreish medium finish, that continues to tease the taste buds with its feisty fruity and sassily spiced wares.
Summary: A superb big bang for buck blended belter, from another new Irish whiskey brand, which is no doubt going to make the most exciting whisk(e)y category of the moment, thrive even further.
Marking Brown-Forman’s (the makers of Jack Daniel’s) first foray into the world of Irish Whiskey, Slane’s initial third party, triple cask blended release, is just a taster of what’s to come, ahead of its new distillery going into production this summer.