7 March 2017

Top 5 Whiskey Picks for St Patrick's Day

One of the most exciting categories in the dramming world during the last five years and indeed the one that is now experiencing the most growth, is that of Irish whiskey. Infact it’s fair to say that we’re well and truly amidst and enjoying what can only be described as the Irish whiskey renaissance!

There may well be an ever-growing gang of new kids on the block that are now driving the category forward, but those big established brands have kicked away those cobwebs of complacency and are now giving the newbies a run for their money, with regards to innovation and the targeting of a new generation of whisk(e)y consumer.

Not that pouring and exploring something dramspankingly delicious from the emerald isle should be limited to St Patrick’s Day, but here are five of some of our many favourites for you to share, sip and savour on the big day and indeed beyond, along with a few of our favourite serve suggestions.

Teeling Single Grain – A stunningly, sassily, sweet and spiced seductress, that makes for a super solo act and serves up magnificently well in a multitude of cocktails, including one of our favourites in the form of an Old Fashioned.
(Available from Master of Malt for £37.33)

Redbreast Lustau – A recent new addition to the range, this sheer sherried, pot still stunner, makes for a superb slow savouring sipper. It also just happens to add an uplifting element to a Manhattan.
(Available from The Whisky Exchange for £45.25)

Hyde Sherry Cask Finish Single Malt – A feisty, fruit fest led dramming ditty, that’s open to a plethora of pouring possibilities. A sumptuous, sophisticated solo sip, that also works wondrously well in a cornucopia of cocktails, including a rather amazing Artists Special.
(Available from Master of Malt for £50.88)

Writers Tears Copper Pot – A vibrant and vivacious, bountifully balanced blend, that makes for one moreish (pour me another) marvel. Designed as a pure sipper in our opinion, but on those warmer evenings it does lend itself rather well to a Highball.
(Available from Celtic Whiskey for £44.99)

Jameson – A core range, big bang for buck, Irish blended belter, that never disappoints. A superb sipper that also just happens to serve up jubilantly and joyously well in a Julep. In our opinion, it also still makes for the ultimate whiskey component in an Irish coffee.
(Available from Master of Malt for £20.72)