27 March 2017

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Rebel Yell
Small Batch Rye

Nose: Teasing and tenacious rich rye spice - vibrant and vivacious waves of vanilla – char grilled peaches - foam bananas and aniseed twists from a pick ‘n’ mix –  Fry’s chocolate orange bar - Waitrose raspberry treacle tart – slightly burnt granary toast – Tiptree lime marmalade - McDonald’s dill pickles – toasted oak – ground white pepper and sassy suggestions of Kirsch soaked cherries.

Palate: Rye spice - McVitie's ginger nut biscuits - Häagen-Dazs cookie dough chip ice cream - pineapple cubes - aniseed twists – sugared almonds - Marks and Spencer iced, spiced fruit buns - Frank Cooper's Seville orange marmalade – mashed ripe avocados on granary toast and a confected crescendo of a Cadbury’s crunchie bar and Quality Street mint matchmakers.

Finish: A long lingering finish that delivers some seriously good, good, good, good rye-brations!

Summary: An amazing rye release from one of our favourite liquid Americana brands. Suitably named ‘Rebel Yell’ as this bottling along with their glorious gaggle-ette of others, most definitely deserve to be shouted about! Not only does it make for a stunning solo sipper, it also makes for one of our favourite bases in an Old Fashioned.