21 December 2016

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye
Nose: Gloriously garish rye grains - wood cocktail bitters - foam bananas from a pick ‘n’ mix - grilled peaches - bergamot oil - warm cherry pie drenched in Madagascan vanilla custard - toffee popcorn - ground cinnamon - ripe avocado - dill pickles - poly cement (Airfix) glue and exuberant echoes of the brands signature charcoal mellowing.
Palate: Sweet charred oak - rye spice - sugared almonds - freshly grated nutmeg - Dentyne cinnamon chewing gum - caramelized fennel fronds - peach and apricot Muller Fruit Corner yogurt - Tiptree orange marmalade smeared over buttered granary toast - Luxardo maraschino cherries - more of those ripe avocados and something moreishly menthol-esque.
Finish: A sassy spiced, teasing Tennessee treat, of lush liquid Americana on the finish front, that neither under or overstays its welcome on the palate.
Summary: As a big fan of both Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select and the much underrated but ever growing rye whisky category, I was beyond intrigued to find out more about this latest release. After sampling I can well and truly confirm that it offers up some very ‘good, good, good, good rye-brations’! In addition to being a superb solo sipper, it also just happens to make a rather fine and dandy Old Fashioned.