7 September 2016

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Loch Lomond Single Grain
Nose: A slightly charred pineapple upside down cake covered in cold Ambrosia Devon custard – iced raisin Danishes – Hovis digestive biscuits - lemon sherbet – orange oil - banana skin – poached pears - Mackies Scottish three berry preserve - sugared almonds – coconut ice - caramelised fennel fronds and an all-round reassuring nasal hug of all things gloriously grainy.
Palate: Grilled pineapple rings - pear drops - orange oil - hot buttered granary toast – Sainsbury’s tropical fruit granola – baked spiced apples, covered in more of that cold Ambrosia Devon custard – youthful oak - caramelised fennel fronds – toasted walnuts - mixed spice – white pepper and the subtlest wisp-ette of cardamom.
Finish: A fresh, fruity and lip-smackingly sweet, long linger-ette of a finish.
Summary: Some superb whiskies bolting out of the Loch Lomond stable at the moment, and this is most certainly one of them. Even though I’m a huge fan of deep, dark and decadent single grain bottlings, it’s refreshing to see a bottling that is as fresh and fruity as it is rich and ravishing.