12 January 2016

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Talisker Neist Point
Nose: Vanilla infused poached pears, spiced baked granny smith apples, beach barbecued bananas, toasted slices of HTB Jamaican fruit bun, clove studded oranges, mixed spice, ash and embers from a pile of old burning newspapers, sea spray, black pepper and a pronounced pinch-ette of peat.
Palate: Peat smoke, dried chili flakes, Charbonnel et Walker dark sea salt caramel chocolate truffles, grounds of black pepper, candid peel, dried apricots, warm slices of pear and apple tarte tatin, vanilla custard, Mackays Scottish three berry preserve, Hovis digestive biscuits, anise, mixed spice, charred oak and an all-round earthy allure.
Finish: A cosy and comforting, sassily spiced, long lingering finish.
Summary: A text book example of not only another dramspankingly delish Talisker expression, but also a superbly belting and balanced no age statement (NAS) bottling. It’s only downfall being that it’s a travel retail exclusive. Almost worth booking a trip just to buy a bottle!