24 May 2015

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #48

Compass Box Hedonism Quindecimus
Nose: A vanilla cheesecake with a thick digestive biscuit base, warm almond croissants, a buttered slice of Mcvities Jamaica ginger cake, grilled pineapple rings, coconut ice, pear drops, clove studded ortaniques, honeydew melon, mango, cinnamon sticks, wood spice and something rather poly cement (Airfix) glue-esque
Palate: Cherries soaked in sugar syrup, five spice, white pepper, Seville orange zest, Danish pastries, Jordans Original crunchy tropical fruits granola, caramelised demerara sugar, Lindt sea salt milk chocolate, pick and mix yellow foam banana’s, mango kulfi, gingerbread, Waitrose treacle tart and oodles of opulent oak.
Finish: Long, lush and as gracious and giving as the gargantuanly glorious grains that were used to blend this beautiful, bountiful belter.
Summary: The standard Compass Box Hedonism bottling, will always be one I’ll recommend to those starting out on their grain journeys, but with a little more feisty finesse and an epic ensemble of quality grainage, this is certainly one to recommend if you’re looking for that added dose of discerning dramming decadence.