15 April 2014

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #35

Arran 17 Year Old
Nose: A big wedge of homemade pear and almond tart, a steamed syrup sponge pudding, Waitrose Madagascan vanilla custard, orange peel, lime zest, toffee apples, candy floss, Rowse set organic honey, Fry’s Turkish delight, wood spice, sweet oak, ground cinnamon, anise and a blink and you’ll miss it kick-ette of clove oil.
Palate: Poached pears, Thorntons orange Seville continental chocolates, Sainsbury’s spiced apple cake, Mirabelle plums, sugared almonds, ground white pepper, freshly chopped ginger, cinnamon infused honey, ground cloves and a wisp of wood smoke.
Finish: A spicy zinging sweet treat of a finish, that neither under or overstays its welcome on the palate. A perfect party guest of a dram!
Summary: I know what I’ll be drinking this Summer! A lovely light and lush drop of dramspankage, that’d make for a perfect early evening pour on a late July evening, or if you fancy something tall and cool over the next few months, it also makes for a cracking highball!