8 November 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #28

Octomore 6.1
Nose: Crashing coastal waves, diesel engine fumes from a tug boat, freshly laid tarmac, peat smoke, seaweed, iodine, ground black pepper, Haribo Pontefract cakes, Lockets honey and lemon, Walkers Frazzles, butterscotch, Waitrose lemon meringue pie, verbena leaves and a heave-ette of heather.
Palate: Lime curd and chimney soot smeared over hot buttered granary toast, Artisan du Chocolat sea salted caramels, stewed prunes, spiced baked pears, dry sweet oak, black & pink ground peppercorns, cloves, liquorice, cinnamon, cashew nuts, smoked walnuts and something rather poly cement glue-esque.
Finish: A long lingering, sweet smoky stunner of a finish.
Summary: As much as I’ve been a fan of the Octomore series, it has to be said that up until now none of the previous bottlings have overly wowed me. But this latest offering not only manages to pack the proverbial ppm punch, it also just happens to be abundantly well balanced and is without doubt my favourite of the series so far.