13 August 2013

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes #22

Bowmore 23 Year Old Port Cask
Nose: Port soaked prunes, blackberry and juniper compote, Green & Black’s cherry dark chocolate bar, hickory smoked pork, barbecued aubergines, brine, dried apricots, sweet oak, toasted almonds, cracked black and white peppercorns, winter baking spices, rose water and a zest-ette of citrus freshness.
Palate: Billowing barbecue smoke, marmalade and clove glazed ham, port soaked sultanas, forest fruit crumble, Waitrose fresh vanilla custard, Quality Street strawberry delight’s, Pret A Manger rock salt popcorn, dried cedar, rich oak, white pepper, mixed spice and a fresh finishing flirtation of forest pine.
Finish: After an amazing journey on the nose and palate, you’re certainly not short changed on the finish, which is long lingering and sassily smoky.
Summary: Without doubt this is a bountiful and beautifully balanced belter from Bowmore. The only thing that’s ever so slightly hard to swallow about their latest release is its price. Retailing for a rrp of £380, there’s certainly a worthy debate to be had about its bang for buck ratio, but hey that’s for another day.