8 March 2013

The Whisky Wire Bruichladdich Tweet Tasting

This week we dished up another dose of dramspanking Tweet Tasting dramfotainment by taking our first visit over to Islay, to explore a bounty of progressive, hebredian delights from the Bruichladdich distillery.
In the good company of our intrepid group of Tweet Tasters from the UK, France, Sweden and The Netherlands, on Wednesday night we were treated to a lush Laddie bounty made up of their The Organic, Islay Barley 2006, The Laddie Ten and Black Art 3 expressions.
To top off the night in fine style, we yet again managed to trend on Twitter as the 4th most talked about topic in the UK, via our hashtag #LaddieTT
Here are a few of the tweeted tasted highlights from the night:

The Organic

@abbeywhisky Marzipan/almond, citrus, tropical fruit, vanilla, creamy, toffee ice cream.
@mynameisgone Cereal, some floral notes with a spike of some green granny smith apples.
@sjoerd972 Quite sharp, with lots of barley and a touch of wood. Getting more spice and fruit with every second.

Islay Barley 2006

@WhiskyDiscovery Oaky wood, spicy, dusty barley, like following a combine harvester, honey and lemon notes.
@whiskytube Getting hot orange notes with a dusting of icing sugar, infused with chili powder. The finish is an oily vanilla dream!
@DramStats This finish gets very peppery and almost crackles on the way down! Faint cherryade note as the pepper fades.

The Laddie Ten

@petedrinks Smooth on the palate; slight toffee, definitely a slight peaty warmth, a little sherry finish in there too.
@rodbodtoo The same texture as the Organic & Islay Barley. A wee bit of salt & beer made with a portion of smoked malt.
@mattveira A great rounded with a relatively long finish. Saltiness returns, spicy but with more herbal and bitter notes towards end.

Black Art 3

@WhiskyDiscovery Oloroso sherry, big red grapes, fresh if slightly over-ripe Victoria plums, very fruity.
@LRWhisky Deep, complex, port, wine and tobacco. Could smell it forever!
@champdenwhite Beyond all the rich fruit flavours harken oaky notes followed by a mix of tropicals. Then the red stone fruits have another go.

As ever these are only a mere morsel of the mountain of the tasting notes from the night’s Twitter trending tweet tastery. For a full lowdown head over to Twitter and search hashtag #LaddieTT
To sample these bountiful, ballsy and beautiful Bruichladdich's for yourself, head over to Royal Mile Whiskies who currently stock all the whiskies we sampled on the night.
A huge thanks to everyone who took part or followed this weeks dramspankery. There are plenty more Tweet Tastings to come, so if you would like to be one of our tasters, keep your eyes peeled on the website and on our Twitter handles @TheWhiskyWire & @TweetTastings for details.
For more information on Bruichladdich visit: bruichladdich.com
Until next time Happy Dramlaxing!