19 February 2013

anCnoc 22 "Seduction For The Senses"

In addition to the great news of the re-release of their dramspanking 16yr, anCnoc are well and truly 'anCnoc noc knocking on heavens dramming door' with the release of their new 22yr bottling.

Exuding a refreshingly vibrant infusion of all that is traditional and contemporary, in just over a year I’ve been introduced and seduced by a glorious gaggle of anCnoc’s dramming offerings, from their stunning 12, 16 and 35yr bottling’s to a whole clutch of vintage releases and even a Peter Arkle limited edition or two.

This latest release not only punctuates and sandwiches itself perfectly into the range, but it’s also a worthy and great testament to one of the most exciting Highland whisky brands of the moment.

The nose kicks off with sumptuous, sweet and seductive waves of freshly baked bramley apple pie, spiced apple cake and wait for it even more apple in the form of a pack of sour apple Chewits. Followed by a sweet splendorous surge of ripe autumn berries.

Baked pears covered in oozing dark caramel served with a big scoop of Häagen Dazs praline ice cream make for the next set of nasal niceties, along with the aromas from a wedge of heavily bourbon and sherry laced Christmas cake and a rather alluring floral flounce of citrus freshness.

A generous glug-ette of clove infused honey and an assertive waft of smoke from an oak and maple wood chip fuelled barbecue then adds a superb level of balance and depth to the proceedings.

The palate kicks off with yet more autumn berry action, this time of the boiled and transformed into a coulis variety and infused with woodspice, cloves and lavender, then drizzled liberally over a bowl of Hocking’s North Devonshire ice cream.

Stewed prunes, honey covered pears and lemon verbena make for the next set of palatable pleasures, followed by balancing bouts of whimpering wood smoke and a cheeky pinch of ground pimento.

Once this sensual and seductive drop of drammage has finished teasing and tantalising the senses, it makes one final flirtatious flounce on its finish, delivering a long lingering luscious lunge of palatable postplay.