15 June 2022

Rum Insiders Interview - Cashain David

Kromanti Distillery and Blending House
CEO and Founder

How long have you been working in the rum industry?
I feel as though my journey in rum began as a child; we always had rum in the house and understood it as something which welcomed visitors to the house and marked life events such as births, marriages, and deaths. It was only in the last ten years that I got an opportunity to work as a Rum Brand ambassador and from that began the journey to educate drinkers on the missing narrative of rum through the Kromanti Brand.
What has been your biggest career highlight to date?
I launched Kromanti in 2020, at the height of the pandemic and to get industry and expert feedback on the rum, we entered the IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competition) and won an award in the Rum category on our first entry. It was a real confidence boost!
Another highlight was winning a grant from dating app, Bumble. To support Black History Month in 2021, they launched an initiative which pledged to provide ten black owned businesses with a share of £50,000 to support them in their recovery post-pandemic. Using the funds, I am currently in the process of creating a video series which reinforces connections between the younger and older generations and their experiences with rum, exploring how it goes beyond being an alcoholic drink.
Can you remember your first rum, and indeed what it was?
The first Rum I had was a sugar cane rum called Macoucherie from the nature isle of Dominica, which is near Guadaloupe. It was a visit to the small rum shop in the rainforest of the island that I learned to understand the depth of the local rum histories that are held in the spirit. My drink was infused with a local herb called ‘nani’, which tastes like aniseed and chosen for me by the shop owner.
What does rum mean to you?
Rum is a warm welcome at a family occasion; it is the smell of my mother’s kitchen, it’s our history and community.
Where would you like to see yourself in five years’ time?
Looking ahead, the future is really bright, we are determined to expand the rum narrative to include perspectives and voices that haven’t been represented before.
What was your last rum?
My last rum continually changes. I really love to experience the variety of flavour profiles and stories in this industry. However, I am a fan of local unnamed rums from the windward islands in the Caribbean including Grenada, St Lucia, and Dominica. I enjoy slightly sweeter rums and another local East London rum I’ve tasted lately is called Las Olas.
Do you have a favourite rum and food pairing combination?
I love the pairing of rum and good quality chocolate. Grenada produces a selection of excellent chocolates which pair well with a nice sipping Rum. I love to sip on Chairman’s reserve which is a St. Lucian rum, which goes brilliantly with salted dark chocolate.
What’s your favourite rum based cocktail?
I love this question, as I love to tell everyone that my favourite cocktail is the Ti Punch. It’s a welcome drink on some Caribbean islands and is presented on a table in the house as separate ingredients (Rum, Lime & Sugar) that you combine yourself. It tastes refreshing and reminds me of being home in the Caribbean.
What do you think is going to be the next big thing on the rum horizon?
I’m not sure that it is really about the flavours, but I think we are likely to see more intimate opportunities to drink and talk about Rum collectively. I think we are likely to see more rum-focused speakeasies, to allow people to get together after these difficult periods of separation that we experienced under covid.
What’s the one rum you couldn’t live without?
That’s easy; Kromanti Rum!

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