8 April 2020

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Redbreast 27 Year Old
Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
54.6% ABV

Nose: Richly rewarding with wondrous waves of blood orange, grilled pineapple rings and Alphonso mangoes – passion fruit and strawberries dusted with black pepper – Waitrose treacle tart – vanilla crème brûlée - bread pudding – coconut ice – toasted walnuts – cherry cough syrup - oodles of opulent charred oak and something rather rye-teously grain esque.

Palate: An assorted plethora of summer berry filled punnets – tea stewed prunes – cinnamon infused plum jam - grilled mango – orange peel - Tunes cherry lozenges – Haribo Tangfastics – cold Ambrosia Devon custard – bread pudding – mixed spice – a pinch of cayenne pepper – toasted oak and a tease of menthol freshness.

Finish: A long, refined and charismatically confident finish, which helps to elevate this dram into an absolute stunner of a sensory story!

Summary: What else can be said about this latest permanent release from Redbreast, than it’s another dramspanking irish dramming ditty of a belter! Beautifully balanced interplay between bourbon, sherry and ruby port casks, which helps to deliver sip after sip of pure palatable pleasure!