18 February 2020

Quick Fire Rum Tasting Notes

Thameside Rum Signature Blend
Blended Caribbean Rum
40% ABV

Nose: A fresh and finessed Jamaican funk led tropical tease of ripe bananas, grilled pineapple rings, mango, lime zest and coconut ice. Followed by notes of cream soda, demerara sugar, cinnamon sticks, anise, white pepper, spiced oak and a bag of warm and sticky Werther's Originals.

Palate: A bounty of banana bread, Jamaica ginger cake, rum raisin ice cream, ready rolled cake icing and demerara caramel. Followed by notes of vanilla fudge, tinned pineapple rings, cream soda, anise, white pepper, mixed spice, sweet dried oak, a tease of coconut rum and more of that finessed Jamaican funk.

Finish: A sweet and spiced, refined and rewarding finish, that lingers and lasts as long as a Caribbean sunset!

Summary: This is one smooth operator of a blended belter, which is comprised of aged pot and column still rums from Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana. It was inspired by the English style of Caribbean rums which were imported, blended and aged in dockyards along the Thames river in London, since the 18th century.

Although this would make for a marvellous mixer or cocktail component, we would urge you to try this one neat first, as its refined balance makes it one superb solo sipper!