8 May 2019

Quick Fire Rum Tasting Notes

Old Bakery Rum
Re-Distilled Jamaican Rum
41% ABV

Nose: An initial umph-ette of unmistakable Jamaican rum esters, ripe banana skin, orange peel, dried apricots, date heavy sticky toffee pudding and blackberry compote. Followed by notes of boiled condensed milk, Lyle’s golden syrup, anise, demerara sugar, dark chocolate, mixed spice, tobacco leaves, ground black pepper, wood spice and a tenacious tease of plum wine.

Palate: A wondrous wedge of banoffee pie, treacle tart served with a scoop of Häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream, Delia Smith’s Creole Christmas cake, honey, mixed spice, espresso coffee and dark chocolate. Along with notes of preserved lemons, orange peel, dried banana chips, maraschino cherries, blackberry compote, baked apples, cinnamon, tobacco leaves, nutmeg and something rather Port-esque.

Finish: A deep, dark and decadent dessert trolley of a finish, that lingers long into the night.

Summary: This is a real tamed tiger of a Jamaican rum, which after being re-distilled and matured in Mead and Mavrodaphne (black grape wine from Greece/Cyprus) oak barrels, delivers something that is sensationally smooth and sumptuously sippable!

We’re huge fans of what the Old Bakery Distillery, in Enfield, North London is doing. Their gin is now one of our top three go to’s in the category, and now they’ve rustled up this rather rum-arkable, re-distilled drop of Jamaican rummage.

Very much looking forward to seeing what distilled delights they come up with next. A whisky matured/finished in the same types of cask, could quite possibly be a very wonderful thing!