3 January 2019

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

GlenDronach Grandeur - Batch 10

27 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
50.1% ABV
Nose: Wondrous wave upon wave of Demerera rum drenched sultanas – warm cherry Bakewell tarts - Battenberg cake, oozing with apricot jam around its edges - spiced baked apples – Gower Cottage chocolate orange brownies – prunes steeped in tea – aged balsamic vinegar - damp sherry cask staves – old dusty bookshelves – echoes of cedar wood - freshly polished oak furniture and subtlest suggestions of poly cement (Airfix) glue.
Palate: Tart blackberries dusted with icing sugar – more of those tea steeped prunes – sherry soaked sultanas - clove studded orange – McDonald’s apple pie, with its cinnamon levels cranked up to 11 – warm treacle tart - chocolate covered coffee beans – Kirsch soaked cherries - black truffle oil and a pinch of ground mixed spice.
Finish: A full on, feisty finish, which keeps on delivering all the decadently delicious delights, that it offered up so opulently well on both the nose and palate.
Summary: Grandeur by name, most definitely grandeur by nature! A superbly well-balanced belter from GlenDronach. Previous batches of their Grandeur releases have been pretty dram epic, but this one has notched itself up into the category of outstanding!