25 July 2018

Dekantā Tweet Tasting II

More social media based dramfotainment you say? Well allow us to gladly oblige!

Following the huge success of our dekantā 3rd Anniversary Tweet Tasting in June, we’re thrilled to announce that on August 20th, we’re teaming up again with the leading Japanese spirits specialist, for a special launch event for the new Kamiki Intense Edition.

Translated as ‘God’s Breath’ and named after the winds which descend from Mount Miwa in Nara, Kamiki is a modern blended whisky bound by the ancient traditions of Japan’s Kansai region.

Carefully selected Japanese malt whiskies are blended with some of the finest malt whiskies from across the globe to create a smooth, deep, world blended expression. The next step sees the whisky fused with Japanese spring water and aged in Japanese wood.

In addition to the new Kamiki Intense Edition, we’ll also be sharing, sipping and savouring another duo of drams from the shelves of dekantā. Details on this to follow!

If you fancy pouring and exploring a tenacious trio of jubilantly joyous Japanese whiskies click here to register your interest by emailing your name, address and Twitter handle, remembering to mark the subject line of the email: #DekantaWhisky

The closing date to register is August 3rd, and if you are registering to take part please make sure that you will actually be free on the evening on August 20th to take part!

Even if you're not one of the selected Tweet Tasters, it'd be great to have you following all the evening’s dramfotainment. So we look forward to seeing you over on Twitter, on August 20th, at 19:00 BST via #DekantaWhisky

Registration open to over 21's only

For more information on dekantā, visit: dekanta.com
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