14 June 2018

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

The Singleton Malt Master's Selection

Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
40% ABV
Nose: Sassily spiced baked apples – lightly grilled peaches - sauternes poached pears – blackberry jam smeared on granary toast - orange zest – warm honeycomb - vanilla chantilly cream – Jamaican ginger cake - aniseed twists – icing sugar - grounds of white and black pepper – cinnamon sticks and a teasing trace of tobacco leaves.
Palate: Granny Smith apples dipped in unctuously runny spiced toffee sauce – candied orange peel - maraschino cherries -  blackcurrant and vanilla cheesecake – treacle tart - hints of grilled fennel bulbs – pear drops – aniseed twists – a pinch of white pepper – freshly baked and still soft to the touch gingerbread - ground cinnamon and some rather charismatically charred oak.
Finish: A full rounded ticks all of the boxes kind of medium and moreish finish, that just keeps on exuding all the sweet and spicy wares that it delivered so well on both the nose and palate.
Summary: A beautifully balanced, big bang for buck drop of dramspankage from ‘The Singleton’, which will be available later this month for a RRP of £30.00. Not only does it make for a superb entry level solo sipper, it also just happens to makes a great whisky base in an Old Fashioned - win, win!