17 February 2017

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Glenmorangie Bacalta
Nose: A fruity five a day flourish of dates, sultanas, dried apricots, Seville oranges and the zest of a lime – honeycomb drizzled in white chocolate - smoked walnuts – warm toffee - anise infused honey – cinnamon sticks – ground white pepper - damp paving stones and the aroma from an empty box of After Eight dinner mints.
Palate: Clove and anise spiced orange marmalade - baked apricots – grilled mango slices – Marsala poached pears - tea soaked dates and sultanas – Cadbury’s crunchie bar – smoked walnuts - bergamot oil - wood spice and the lingering aftertaste of a handful of mint Toffo’s.
Finish: A citrus and spice led, teasing and tantalising long, linger-ette of a finish, which does more than justice to a dram that’s abundantly joyous and jubilant.
Summary: This is the eighth release of Glenmorangie’s Private Edition series, which was matured in casks that were created specifically for the extra-maturation. Made from tight-grained, air-seasoned American oak staves, the casks were heavily toasted, then filled with specifically sourced Malmsey Madeira and baked by the heat of the sun for two years.
The Glenmorangie Private Edition series remains a real annual release highlight. It’s always a genuine thrill to see how the variables of each release will impact and influence Glenmorangie’s signature spirit. To date different wine finishes, barley types, cask management and the traditional use of peat have been used to create some truly exciting and enticing drops of dramspankage. Roll on the 9th release in 2018!