21 November 2016

Whisky Insiders Interview - Paul Hletko

FEW Spirits

Founder & Distiller


How long have you been working in the whisky industry?
I’ve now been working in the world of whisky now for about 6 years.

What has been your biggest career highlight to date?
The biggest highlights so far are being named Whisky Advocate Magazine’s Craft Whisky of the Year.  I’ve also managed to meet and work with amazing people, ranging from other whiskey people, to musicians, artists, craftsman, bartenders, chefs, and more.  Whisky moves across categories and brings creative people together!

Can you remember your first dram, and indeed what it was?
The first dram that I remember was Makers Mark, but the first one I truly enjoyed, which also floored me was Eagle Rare.

What does whisky mean to you?
To me whisky means friends and family. Whisky is celebration, whisky is sharing the good times, whisky is sharing the bad, whisky is art that brings people together!

Where would you like to see yourself in five years’ time?
I’d like to see myself with a great dram of whisky and a group of friends, celebrating friends’ success!

What was your last dram?
My last dram was Few Bourbon, on the rocks. Tasty!

Do you have a favourite whisky and food pairing combination?
I probably should, but it’s so mood dependent for me. I do love whisky and beef though, bourbon and BBQ are such a natural combination!

What’s your favourite time and place to enjoy a dram?
In front of a fire, with friends.

What do you think is going to be the next big thing on the whisky horizon?
The next big thing is already here, and that is the continued rise of craft whisky!

What’s the one dram you couldn’t live without?
Few, of course!

Many thanks to Paul Hletko. Who will be our next Whisky Insider? Click back soon to find out!