29 August 2016

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Prometheus 27 Year Old

Nose: Sumptuous sherry soaked sultanas, dates and cherries - blackberry and plum crumble covered in a glorious glug of Waitrose Madagascan vanilla custard – baked spiced apples – a slightly under baked pear tart tatin – Willies Cacao Colombian Gold dark chocolate - smoked walnuts – charred oak – dusty old book shelves - poly cement (Airfix) glue – a spent match without the sulphured edge - fresh mint and something rather grain whisky-esque.

Palate: An 'Old Fashioned' infusion of orange peel, maraschino cherries and wood bitters - bergamot oil – grilled peaches - Cadbury’s Old Jamaica chocolate bar – aniseed twists – spiced malt loaf - Twinings green tea and oodles of opulent oak.

Finish: A sassy, smoky and spiced lingering finish, that eventually becomes as fresh as it is feisty!

Summary: A superbly bountiful and balanced drop of dramspankage from The Glasgow Distillery Company, which follows on from their inaugural 26 Year Old bottling of Prometheus in 2015. In addition to their independent bottlings, we’re very much looking forward to eventually sipping and savouring their own distilled whisky delights, watch this space!