13 April 2016

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Ailsa Bay
Nose: Bonfire ash, freshly laid tarmac, Wright’s coal tar soap, poly cement (Airfix) glue, damp hay bales, crispy smoked bacon, cayenne pepper, warm vanilla fudge, Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference lemon curd, pear drops, sugared almonds, green tea, ready rolled cake icing, Waitrose treacle tart and something rather sweet musk-esque.
Taste: Barbecue charred bacon rinds, coal dust, Lockets honey and lemon lozenges, linseed oil, freshly picked verbena leaves, Butterkist toffee popcorn, steamed syrup sponge pudding drenched in vanilla custard, Lindt chilli dark chocolate, mixed spice, grounds of black pepper and oodles of opulent charred oak.
Finish: A long, lush and lingering - sweet, smoky and spiced finish, that goes on and on and on and on…
Summary: A drop of pure dramming class in a glass! An outstanding very Islay-esque, cotemporary looking and traditional feeling first release from William Grant & Son’s new Lowland distillery brand. As with the Girvan and Kininvie additions to the WGS whisky portfolio over the last few years, we greatly look forward to following Ailsa Bay's progress and pouring and exploring its future whisky wares.