1 September 2015

Littlemill Flash Blog

In addition to our teaming throng of Tweet Tastings, we’re thrilled to announce our first ever whisky Flash Blog event, which we’re particularly excited about given the bottling that we’ll be kicking these new events off with.

Next month will see the official launch of the 2015 Littlemill Private Cellar Edition, and our inaugural group of Flash Bloggers will get a rare opportunity to sample and savour this 25 Year Old release, from the iconic Littlemill Lowland distillery, which is limited to just 1500 bottles.
Master blenders John Petersen and Michael Henry have dipped and nosed the remaining casks from 1989 and 1990, and from these they have selected and married together the 10 casks which they believe best represent the quality and style of whisky from the Littlemill Distillery.
The liquid was originally laid down in a mixture of the finest American and European Oak casks and has been married together for a period of finishing in first fill European Oloroso Sherry casks.
More details on the whisky coming soon, but if you would like to be one of our very lucky Flash Bloggers here are all the details you need:
If you’re a blogger, tweeter or facebooker we’d love for you to write a review of the new 2015 Littlemill Private Cellar Edition, then on October 14th post your review on your blog, linking via social media. If you don’t have a blog but are a whisky tweeter or Facebooker we’d for you to tweet or post your tasting notes on the day using hashtag #Littlemill
We will of course get the sample to you 1-2 weeks ahead of the Flash Blog date of October 14th, so you’ll have plenty of time to sip savour and review.

On the day and in the spirit of good whisky Flash Bloggery, we also ask if you could share and re-tweet the reviews and posts from your fellow Flash Bloggers.
We’re looking for tasters from around the world, so for this event there is no geographical restrictions. So to register to take part email your name, postal address and Twitter, Facebook and or blog details via the contact tab, remembering to mark the subject line #Littlemill
The closing date to register is September 11th and if you are registering to take part please make sure that you will actually be free to review and post on October 14th!
Until then Happy Dramlaxing!

For more information on Littlemill visit: lochlomondgroup.com
Registration open to over 18's only!