15 July 2015

Quick Fire Whisky Tasting Notes

Anon Batch 1
Abbey Whisky Rare Casks
Nose: Oloroso sherry soaked raisins, Demerara rum drenched sultanas, toffee apples, mixed citrus peel, GlacĂ© cherries, Waitrose treacle tart, oat topped plum crumble, honey and lemon tea, Nestle Caramac bar, Cadbury’s fudge, toasted walnuts, Belazu Aged Balsamic Vinegar, charred oak, dried thyme, struck match and something rather chardonnay-ish.
Palate: Fino and Oloroso sherry soaked prunes, white grapes, wood smoke, spiced honey, Paul A Young’s sea salted chocolate caramels, Jamaican spice bun, Twinings earl grey green tea, lemon sherbet, caramelised fennel fronds, five spice, palm sugar, the rind from a wheel of Berkswell ewes milk cheese and yet more vinous vibrancy from something suggestively Sauternes-esque.
Finish: As eclectically energetic and brazenly balanced on the finish as it is on the nose and palate. But if it just managed to linger around just a tad longer, it would be rock and dramming roll all the way!
Summary: Over the last couple of years Abbey Whisky have released some belting distillery named bottlings as part of their Rare Casks series, and this first unnamed Highland distillery offering is certainly no exception.